Norwich City’s highly-rated young striker Ken Aboh has made a big first impression on Johannes Hoff Thorup.

The Canaries secured the teenager on a longer term deal over the summer and Aboh has a bright future for the new Danish boss.

Thorup must decide over the early part of pre-season whether to fast track him into his Championship plans or look for the loan boost that saw Abu Kamara and Brad Hills catch the eye last season.

“Let's find out in a couple of weeks what is the best for him,” said the Dane. “For now it is for him to get in shape with the rest of the team and to find out the way that we're going to do things and then of course, to show what he can do. I think he's a great striker.

"And I think there's a big potential; some great movements, he's one of those classic strikers that are really, really good at running off the back of the defenders, you know, having these small movements in and around the box, and so on, where he's very, very clever.

"So definitely, definitely a player with a future here. And then, in a couple of weeks’ time, we have to find out what will be the best solution for him for the next six months and next season.”

Thorup arrived in Norfolk with a growing reputation for developing young talent, and he believes he has inherited lots of raw material.

“It's good. I said it when I came here, because that was the feeling I had just watching from the outside, but there's a great academy and so many young players to be proud of, and also so many young players that my opinion can take the next step,” he said.

“And the next step for them is Championship football with Norwich, and then hopefully in the future, even bigger steps. But I think that the foundation is here, we have a great pool of very good players.

“And for us, of course, to start to integrate them in training and then eventually in games as well. So there's a lot of work for us to be done. But also for the players, because they have to get used to the new system and new way of playing. But the quality is there, and the potential is there.”