I stated in my last column that Josh Sargent's gutting injury was the only real drawback of what has been a terrific start of the season.

Naturally that "only" became the kiss of death ahead of a disappointing defeat away at Rotherham, but such is the curse of the columnist.

Nonetheless, Josh's blow was certainly not what the doctor ordered and his absence was clearly felt at the New York Stadium.

But as the saying goes, one man's problem is another man's opportunity.

While I may be using that idiom slightly out of context - I know what it really means - for once we can actually take it literally. Or at the least, it needs to be.

Clearly the other man I am speaking about is Adam Idah, somebody whose Norwich City career probably numbers among the most enigmatic in recent years.

As far as debuts, his numbers are probably among the best anybody could possibly imagine.

Short of Leon McKenzie announcing himself with a brace away at you-know-who, it's difficult to think of a better way for a player to cap off their maiden appearance than with a match-winning hat-trick.

Not to mention the fact that one of the debut goals was near enough in his own half; from that moment we all felt we had a player on our hands.

However, three years and a global pandemic later and the Irishman is still plagued by a few other P words - potential, promise, possibilities... 

These are words that quite a few other strikers to wear yellow and green over the years have never been able to shake in City colours - players like James Vaughan, Carlton Morris and Cody McDonald.

Now, it does go without saying that Idah's career hasn't been without its frustrations, particularly when it comes to injuries.

His minutes over the years have understandably been limited, considering he has constantly had one of City's greatest ever ahead of him in the pecking order. 

From a certain point of view he's also been something of a victim of a constant lack of depth up top, preventing him from going away and grabbing a hatful of minutes - and preferably goals - elsewhere.

But that is not to say spells on loan always produce end results for City, as Carlton Morris goes to show.

Eastern Daily Press: Adam Idah

And it is actually the case of Morris that has me asking the question: is it now or never for Adam Idah at Norwich City?

Clearly Morris is a success story and will forever be a 'what if' - but at the same time, stepping away from Colney was probably exactly what he needed.

It also goes without saying that Idah clearly has a lot of fans at Colney - five-year-deals don't get handed out willy nilly.

But still, it very much feels to me like we are at Idah's 'Sliding Doors' moment - in that what happens next will define Idah's Norwich City career.

It appears under David Wagner he is finally in a set-up where there are two starting spots for strikers - and at least for now his main competition has been pegged back.

Likewise, he has the opportunity to form a partnership with somebody who can really help him in Ashley Barnes.

It feels like there have been several of these moments in his surprisingly long City career - points where we've though "now is your time, Adam."

But each time, fate has got in the way. Poor form, injury, teams on a downward trajectory, you name it.

This time can be different though - but we all have a role to play too.

I remember hearing audible groans around Carrow Road when he made his first home appearance of the season against Hull - before promptly scoring the winner.

This just doesn't help.

Idah is first to admit that he is a player who relies heavily on confidence - we as fans mustn't be the ones to shatter that.

He will hopefully return on Saturday buoyed by an international goal and the plaudits that come with that.

But he needs to grasp this opportunity and start consistently showing what he must have shown behind the scenes to earn such backing.

There is clearly a big reason he's been not only tied down for the long-run, but kept around when perhaps he would have benefitted from a loan spell away.

Sargent's injury has opened the door for him, it is up to him to barge his way through and seize his opportunity.

Shrewd deadline day business

Eastern Daily Press: Sunderland defender Danny Batth

I've been massively sleep-deprived since deadline day - David McNally never told me I could go to bed so I haven't actually had a wink since. It's been like having a newborn all over again.

Joking aside, I can't say I've particularly missed mad rushes for transfer news in the Stuart Webber era of ordinarily getting business done early.

Yes, it was quite exciting, but in all honesty I'd probably have preferred a quiet one.

But nonetheless, I feel there is a fair bit of positivity to come out of City's deadline dealings.

Danny Batth, in particular, I can see being a decent bit of business, even if he's not exactly a long term replacement for Andrew Omobamidele.

But he is in a similar mould to Ashley Barnes and Shane Duffy; somebody who has been there and done it and has bags of wisdom to share.

The reported figure for Big Andy is a massive return for someone who, like countryman Idah, is very much still in the potential category for me.

I'm sure there are long term targets in terms of replacing the Irishman, but as far as short term solutions go, Batth looks a good bet for me.

I can't claim to know a great deal about Hwang Ui-Jo but it may well be that his arrival does for Adam Idah what Ralf Fahrmann's did for Tim Krul a few seasons ago.

Nonetheless, his arrival is intriguing - and as City's first ever South Korean player he represents the 55th different national to pull on a Canaries' shirt (including England) - and that's number-Hwang!