This is not the first time I have devoted a column to singing the praises of Kenny McLean - and spoiler alert, it won't be the last time.

I keep reading one thing about the self-styled Mayor of Norwich latest - something along the lines of "How good has Kenny been under David Wagner".

While of course it is absolutely true, he has been particularly terrific under his new coach, I'd argue the final three words of that sentence could be replaced with "since he arrived".

I've been a big fan of Kenny since day dot and on one hand, I'm enjoying people finally come around to the player he is.

But on the other hand, I slightly resent the suggestion that he's gone through some sort of transformation under Wagner, or that he's doing anything differently. 

My take on his recent form is this - he's always been that good.

Kenny is not the flashiest footballer, but neither does he pretend to be. 

What you will always get from him though is something no team can do without - hard work, graft and unwavering commitment.

It is no coincidence that three consecutive managers now have had him as one of the first names on their teamsheets - and that's a testament to the man.

I think the reason his performances have become so noticeable recently is more about Wagner's style of football than Kenny upping his already lofty game.

Under Wagner, McLean's role has become so much more important, but equally so much more evident.

The way City's full-backs push on more under Wagner makes the way Kenny covers the ground so much clearer to see - the man is everywhere.

Eastern Daily Press: Kenny McLean is thriving under the management of David WagnerKenny McLean is thriving under the management of David Wagner (Image: Focus Images)

And equally, his budding partnership with Gabriel Sara also shines much more of a light on just how much work Kenny does. 

The two midfield maestros clearly have a brilliant understanding and Kenny's graft is a big part of Sara being able to work his magic.

It reminds me of the way Gary Holt and Phil Mulryne used to boss the midfield together back in the Worthy days; Mulryne would spray balls around while Holt covered every blade to make that possible.

But to go back to my initial point - McLean being a vital cog in the City machine is nothing new, which has got me thinking: is he Stuart Webber's best signing?

Clearly he has some stiff competition, but I can't think of too many players who have given the same level of consistency and dependability since Webber arrived.

The obvious answer to this is probably Teemu Pukki. A free transfer who may very well become the only player this century to net 100 goals for the club.

Then the other obvious answer is Emi Buendia, who had two swashbuckling seasons at Championship level where he was near enough a one-man creative wrecking machine. He came in for peanuts and made us more than £30m, so he's another huge success story.

But while I probably would argue that Teemu is number one, I'd say Kenny is a close second in terms of value, consistency and wider impact - and I include Emi in that.

Don't get me wrong, Buendia is clearly a generational talent and when he was at full throttle he was among the very best we've ever had.

Had Emi hung around, there would probably be no argument here - but he didn't.

Kenny has been consistent since the day he arrived and has become a club stalwart. 

So is he Webber's best signing? Maybe not quite, but there are very few better.