A group of Travellers who illegally set up camp on a popular park have now left the area.

After a small number of caravans, motorhomes and vehicles arrived on Carlton Meadow Park in Carlton Colville the weekend before last, the group has now moved on from the site.

They were understood to have set up an encampment at the Castleton Avenue and Lowestoft Road roundabout end of Carlton Meadow Park on Lowestoft Road on Sunday, July 24.

As of last week, around five caravans were still remaining at Carlton Meadow Park - which is a popular place for dog walkers and children who use the play area and skatepark.

After the arrival of the unauthorised encampment, East Suffolk Council worked with police as officers visited the site and issued a Code of Conduct.

With the site being monitored, a welfare visit was set to take place last Wednesday as part of checks at the scene.

Today, an East Suffolk Council spokesman said that "the vehicles had vacated the location before the scheduled welfare visit commenced on Wednesday morning and before the service of any notice."