A Reform UK candidate has described his prospective Norwich constituency as the "poor relation" to the other side of the city. 

Nick Taylor, who is the party's candidate in Norwich North, said the divide has impacted huge infrastructure projects like the Western Link and the rebuilding of Anglia Square, which he believes would have been "dealt with by now" if it wasn't for its northern location. 

He is standing in against five other candidates, but described the election as a "three horse race" against Labour's Alice Macdonald and Conservative candidate Charlotte Salomon.

"They're in for more of a battle than they were led to expect," he added.

Mr Taylor, who lives in the neighbouring Norwich South constituency, grew up in Nigeria before fleeing due to civil war in 1969 and moving to Norfolk. 

Nick Taylor (right) was a candidate in the Norwich City Council elections, receiving 260 votes in Crome wardNick Taylor (right) was a candidate in the Norwich City Council elections, receiving 260 votes in Crome ward (Image: Denise Bradley)

He criticised delays to the revamp of Norwich's Anglia Square, which was suddenly scrapped earlier this year after its developers pulled out of the major scheme.

While the shopping centre is located in Norwich South, Mr Taylor says it is because of its proximity to his own prospective constituency that redevelopment has not gone ahead.

The father-of-two said: "It is the residents of Norwich North that have to look at Anglia Square and frankly, they have been very poorly served by the authorities.

"Anglia Square has been an eyesore for far too many decades and the length of time and cost it has taken to decide what to do with the site is a disgrace."

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Mr Taylor with Great Yarmouth Reform UK candidate Rupert LoweMr Taylor with Great Yarmouth Reform UK candidate Rupert Lowe (Image: Nick Taylor)

Mr Taylor, who owns city estate agents Hadley Taylor, said he is not expecting a visit from party leader Nigel Farage - who attended a Reform UK rally in Great Yarmouth this week in support of candidate Rupert Lowe. 

"Frankly, I can speak for myself," he added. 

He said his priorities as an MP would be tackling the cost of living crisis, bringing down levels of immigration and reforming public services. 

All the candidates standing in Norwich North are Nick Taylor, the Conservative's Charlotte Salomon, the Green's Ben Price, Labour candidate Alice Macdonald, Chika Akinwale for the Lib Dems and Independent candidate Fiona Grace.