Even though it is June the warm weather has still not arrived - so when can Norfolk expect to see some sun?

Experiencing the coldest start to June for four years, temperatures have been up to 3C below the average for the month.

And it seems those wanting to enjoy some sunnier weather may have to wait a little longer as the wet and windy conditions are set to continue.

Rebekah Sherwin, a Met Office deputy chief meteorologist, said: “The immediate forecast suggests no strong signal for temperatures to get above average.

“So far during the month we have been in a weather pattern that has brought a northerly airflow to the UK; with high pressure to the west and low pressure over Scandinavia funnelling that flow.

"The forecast shows a weather front coming in from the west, reaching all parts of the UK." 

Long-range forecasts are not set to bring any joy either with "brisk" winds and cooler evenings expected to dominate for the rest of June.

Over the next few weeks, the blustery winds will be matched with rain and even a risk of thunderstorms.

Showers are predicted to be a common sight into summer with the Met Office warning soggy conditions are set to be 50pc more likely than average.

Ms Sherwin added: “There is a signal for temperatures to come up to near normal levels through the weekend, but the forecast into next week remains largely unsettled with showers, some heavy, in places.”

Looking forward to July, Met Office meteorologist Simon Partridge warned there were no strong signals for any particular patterns but this would suggest conditions will become warmer and drier.