Norwich has been named the third most patriotic city in England ahead of Euro 2024.

The football betting site, Footy Accumulators, compiled a list of the 25 most populated cities across England and compared their patriotism based on seven factors including the number of patriotic street names and fish and chip shops.

Norwich came third behind Portsmouth and Brighton with a "patriotism score" of 26 and of 50.

Norfolk's capital scored 7.8 out of 10 for patriotic pub names and 5.7 out of 10 for patriotic street names, meaning a higher-than-average number of pubs and streets in Norwich have words such as king, queen and prince in their titles.

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The study also found a high number of Google searches for patriotic terms came from devices in Norwich.

The city also ranked highly for its fish and chip shops and local stores to pick up England-themed accessories. 

Several major cities including London, Manchester and Birmingham failed to make the top 10 while Bradford came last.

England kick-off their Euro 2024 campaign on Sunday at 8pm against Serbia.