A school on the edge of Norwich which has had eight different headteachers in the past decade has been told to improve by inspectors.

Henderson Green Primary Academy in Earlham Grove has been told by watchdog Ofsted that its pupils were suffering as a result of the "turbulent time" it has suffered.

Following an inspection held earlier this year, the school has seen its overall rating downgraded to "requires improvement" - the second lowest available - with pupils said to receive a "mixed quality of education".

This, inspectors said, was largely down to changes in leadership, which have seen eight different headteachers in charge in the last 10 years.

The report reads: "The school has been through a turbulent time. Frequent changes in staffing and leadership mean that for too long, pupils have not received the education they deserve."

Inspectors said that while there were many "green shoots", too many pupils still do not learn to the required standards - although they described the school as being "on the up".

Emma Andrewes, the school's latest acting headteacher, said she was "delighted" to have taken on the role.

She said: "This school has great potential and I am looking forward to making use of the helpful recommendations from the inspection team.

"Inspectors are confident that we are doing the right things and recognise that we know how to improve the school.

"There is some hard work ahead, but I am encouraged by the positive changes that have already been made."

The school is part of the Heart Education Trust, which recently announced it would be merging with the larger Unity School Partnership.

Hazel Cubbage, chief executive of Heart, said: "Leaders at the school, Heart and Unity are working together to make sure the school continues to quickly improve for all children.

"An action plan has been put in place and we are already seeing a difference."