The RAF Red Arrows will soar across the Norfolk coastline this weekend as they head to Buckingham Palace to celebrate the King’s birthday.

The aerobatic team famous for their red, white and blue vapour trails will set off on their journey from RAF Waddington in Lincolnshire at around 12.30pm on Saturday. 

Their route will see them head over the North Sea, skirting southwards off the coast of Norfolk and Suffolk between 12.40pm and 12.50pm, before heading inland over Suffolk and Essex towards London. 

The planes are expected to pass over Buckingham Palace just after 1pm and will make their way back to RAF Waddington via the East Midlands, with the entire flight expected to last just over an hour.

The Civil Aviation Authority revealed in April that a large formation of military aircraft will form His Majesty the King’s Birthday Flypast.

So far, only the Red Arrows have been announced, but last week people in Norfolk spotted military aircraft in the skies including eight RAF Typhoons, as they rehearsed for this Saturday's festivities.