A bus company is introducing ticket inspectors aboard its buses in Norfolk and Suffolk in a bid to fight fare dodgers. 

From June 17, revenue protection officers will be riding the First Bus network to check people are travelling with a valid ticket and relevant ID card. 

The firm claims one of the biggest forms of fare evasion is adults buying child tickets to obtain half-price travel. 

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People also reportedly push on to buses without paying when there is a queue to board or use other people’s concessionary passes.

Passengers found to fall short of the rules will face a £50 charge and have 21 days to pay or make an appeal. 

The charge will rise to £100 if unpaid in the designated time and those who ignore the charge will be issued with a County Court Summons.

Piers Marlow, Managing Director of First Bus East of England, said: “Revenue Protection Officers will be travelling on buses across the region – checking tickets for validity and answering general questions about our services.

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"The role is there to enhance the customer experience, aid driving colleagues with customer queries and allow them to focus on their main priority which is getting our customers to and from their destinations safely.

“The officers will travel on all services throughout the day at random times, so we advise all customers travelling to make sure they have a valid ticket ready for inspection at all times.”

The revenue protection officers will wear body-worn cameras which will only start recording when activated by the officer. 

If children are issued with a charge, First Bus will send a letter addressed to the parent or guardian of the passenger if the payment has not been made.