A council's controversial decision to spend £1m on repairing a seafront landmark will be revisited after a group of councillors questioned how the spending could be justified.

The Liberal Democrat-controlled North Norfolk District Council agreed to pay the hefty sum to renovate the Rocket House in Cromer after it became ridden with damp issues.

But a group of councillors have ensured the move will be debated again, after arguing the cost is "unjustified".
Eastern Daily Press: Conservative councillors Angie Fitch-Tillett (L) and Liz Vickers (R)Conservative councillors Angie Fitch-Tillett (L) and Liz Vickers (R) (Image: NNDC)

The matter has been 'called in' for further debate at an overview and scrutiny committee meeting next week by Conservative councillors Liz Vickers and Angie Fitch-Tillett, who recently rejoined the Tories.

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They say councillors were not presented with the appropriate details, such as a cost analysis and the other options available before they made the decision to agree to spend £1m on the renovation. 

They have insisted a business case and 'options analysis' be produced that proves it will be a worthwhile investment.

Eastern Daily Press: People enjoying a drink or a meal outside the Rocket House Café in CromerPeople enjoying a drink or a meal outside the Rocket House Café in Cromer (Image: Newsquest)

At a recent meeting, Ms Fitch-Tillett described the building, which was constructed in 2006, as a "monumental mistake" - because of its location - while other members worried that it will continue to be a financial burden for the council.

It was built just metres from the North Sea and has suffered severe damage during storm surges in 2013 and 2017 and is also badly affected by damp.

While the property, which sits on the east promenade, is owned by the council, sections are leased to a cafe and the RNLI Henry Blogg Museum.

The structural issues have forced the museum to consider moving, but the café upstairs insists it will remain open.

Eastern Daily Press: Tim Adams, leader of North Norfolk District CouncilTim Adams, leader of North Norfolk District Council (Image: Archant)

Despite the criticism, Tim Adams, leader of the council, insists the building is an important asset, serving as a tourist destination that benefits the local economy. 

The £1m revamp of the Rocket House will address the damp issues while also increasing the energy performance of the building.