One person has been arrested after a car caused damage to a number of vehicles along a residential street.

Police were sent to Littlefields in Dereham at 2.08pm today after receiving reports of damage.

One eyewitness said the car had "demolished loads of gardens and cars" along the entire stretch of Littlefields and in the neighbouring Baxter Row.

Eastern Daily Press: A parked mini with its bumper torn offA parked mini with its bumper torn off (Image: Submitted)

Another local person who had a close escape said: "I saw a black car smash into several cars before colliding into a lamppost, bending it over.

"It could have been carnage if it had been a bit later with nurseries and schools nearby.

Eastern Daily Press: One of the damaged carsOne of the damaged cars (Image: Submitted)Eastern Daily Press: Wheelie bins were left knocked over along the roadWheelie bins were left knocked over along the road (Image: Submitted)

"The lamppost saved me. If I had been walking any faster the car would have hit me. I admit to being very shaken.

"One resident was very distressed so I made sure to phone for the ambulance and ensured the police were called."

A spokeswoman for Norfolk Constabulary confirmed that somebody had been arrested and taken to the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital for further assessment.