A city student has completed a solo 746-mile cycling adventure covering the length of Spain.

Alex Florance, a 24-year-old medical student at the University of East Anglia, set off from Malaga, on the country's southern coast, on April 1, heading for Bilbao, in the north.

He took camping gear with him and relied on finding food and shelter on his rural route.

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The ride presented challenges to the student including language barriers and extreme fluctuations in weather, from freezing temperatures in the mountains up to 28 degree stretches.

Mr Florance expected the trip would take him nine days, but managed a daily average of 75 miles, meaning he completed the challenge in just seven and a half days. 

His trip raised more than £1,200 for Papyrus, a charity supporting young people at risk of suicide.

Mr Florance plans to resume his medical studies at the UEA in September after a year off dedicated to charitable work.