Norfolk celebrity chef Polly Guy shares her tasty recipe for lamb, pea, Parmesan, potato croquettes

If you have have left over lamb this Easter, turn your leftovers into this delicious show stopper of a starter/light bite.


Lamb cooked, chopped into small chunks, 250g frozen peas cooked, 125g leftover roast potatoes/mash potatoes, 500g Parmesan cheese grated, 75g salt and pepper to season, packet panko bread crumbs, plain flour, egg veg oil for deep frying. I used my deep fryer or you can use a large pan, egg yolk poached in pan of simmering water.

Eastern Daily Press: Polly Guy's Easter showstopper


Pea mint purée

3 cups frozen peas

2 dsp butter

8 mint leaves finally chopped

3 tablespoons spoons chicken stock

Salt and pepper to taste


Mint sauce

Bunch of fresh mint leaves chopped finely

3 tablespoons of boiling water

3 tablespoons of white wine vinegar

1 dsp caster sugar / or little more to taste .


Eggs for egg yolks



Thinly sliced radishes

Asparagus cooked and peeled and trimmed Left over peas Parmesan shavings using a peeler Mint leaves

Eastern Daily Press: Polly Guy


In a large bowl combine the mash potatoes, if using roast potatoes mash them up first using a fork or masher.

Then add the lamb, peas, grated Parmesan, salt and pepper to taste.

Give it a good mix up using a tablespoon.

Next crack your egg into a bowl and whisk using a fork.

Then you will need two large plates. Sieve enough plain flour onto the plate to cover your croquettes, using your hands to roll into little balls .

Then tip your panko onto the last plate.

Dip the rolled balls into the flour cover completely then gently shake off any excess then dip into the egg.

Using your other hand next cover with panko. You must leave one hand for the wet job and one hand for the panko - it makes life much easier.

Place them on a pre lined try with baking paper / clean film and place in fridge to firm up.

Next make your mint sauce, finely chop the fresh mint leaves not the stalks.

Place into a jug add the sugar and pour over the boiling water ,give it a good stir pinch salt leave to cool. Then add the vinegar and stir . Set aside til later.

To make the pea mint purée add the frozen  peas to boiling water and cook for four minutes .

Drain the peas using a sieve over the sink, place into a large plastic jug and add the butter, mint leaves, salt and pepper and blitz up using a hand held stick or machine .

Then add little of the chicken stock till you have a nice smooth purée. You may not need all the stock!

If using a fryer fill it with veg oil and turn it on, temp 180 and wait for the light to show ready.

If using a pan fill a pan just under half full with veg oil and wait for it to be at the correct temperature, use a thermometer to check .

Gently place the croquettes into the hot oil and keep an eye on them will only take two-three minutes till golden in colour.

While the croquettes are frying, fill a little frying pan with boiling water and place on a gentle heat so it just simmers.

Separate the egg yolk from the whites using your hands, be very careful not to damage the yolk.

I find putting the yolk onto the spoon then lowering it into the water the easiest method.

The yolk will only take two-three minutes to cook. It should hold its shape and still be runny in the middle .

Have a plate with kitchen roll down, take the golden croquettes out of the fryer and drain on the paper.

To plate up using a piping bag for neatness pipe a few circles of pea mint purée on centre of plate then add your croquettes in the middle allowing room between each one.

Then dollop a few tea spoons of mint sauce around the croquettes, a few cooked peas, shavings of Parmesan cheeses, mint leaves, asparagus and slices of radishes to top the croquettes.

Then lastly using a large spoon carefully take the yolk out of the pan making sure no water is on spoon place in the middle of the plate.

You can add any other left over ingredients to this recipe and can increase the amounts depending on your own personal preference.