A strange fin-like cloud has been spotted over the Norfolk coast.

Sue Wright saw the unusual shape in the sky while she was walking along Hemsby beach.

A Met Office spokeswoman has said the formation looks like a Stratus cloud.

Eastern Daily Press: The strange fin-like cloudThe strange fin-like cloud (Image: Sue Wright)

Ms Wright said: "I looked at the sky and thought there was a triangle in the sky. 

"I posted it on the Norfolk Countryside Facebook group and I’ve had so many likes and comments."

The strange shape has baffled people on social media with various speculations and theories arising.

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But a spokeswoman for the Met Office has now confirmed what caused the bizarre weather phenomenon.

She said: "It looks like Stratus, a low cloud that could have formed underneath some heavy rain or broken off from a larger cloud."

Stratus clouds are low-altitude clouds that cover the sky in a blanket of white or grey that are often seen on dull overcast days.

The clouds often form over cold sea and land surfaces and are usually opaque allowing very little light to pass through.