Homes behind the dunes at Hemsby Gap are at risk after extensive erosion caused by high tides and winds.

The Hemsby Lifeboat team is currently monitoring the situation after the tide peaked at 2.8 metres at 10.44am on Saturday morning (February 25) and the entrance to the beach is blocked off for safety reasons.

This is the highest it has been for a while and it has caused erosion reaching up to 1.5 metres inland on some parts of the dunes. 

One property is at "imminent risk" and there are concerns for a couple of other houses on the coast too. 

Eastern Daily Press: High winds and high tides have caused extensive erosion at Hemsby Gap High winds and high tides have caused extensive erosion at Hemsby Gap (Image: Chris Batten)

The tide is expected to reach 3.59 metres at 10.45pm on Saturday evening, which could cause further erosion.

The occupant of the property most at risk is still inside but is in close contact with the lifeboat team and Great Yarmouth Borough Council in case evacuation is needed. 

A telegraph pole is also now at the edge of the dunes, with the electricity board aware.

Chris Batten, from Hemsby Lifeboat, said: "It has also created a six-foot sheer drop where the lifeboat launches, which is usually a gentle slope, so it has been taken off service - this is the worst the erosion has been for a good few months. 

"We currently can't locate the residents who live next to the telegraph pole."

In an Instagram post, Hemsby Beach Café said: "The loss of material is frightening.

"I can’t remember losing so much in such a small amount of time.

"Yes we’ve had weather events but this was a short and sharp one which has left us very exposed to another storm or strong tide and a north-easterly wind.

"People woke up this morning not knowing their homes might be in danger.

"It’s so sad to see."