After a busy week, many of us like to visit our favourite takeaway as a treat and, as it turns out, seals are no exception. 

Great Yarmouth-based Marine and Wildlife Rescue was called to Hemsby at around 11pm on Friday (January 20) after a baby grey seal was spotted outside Istanbul Delight kebab shop.

By the time the volunteers got there the adventurous seal was nowhere to be seen, but they eventually managed to find it outside The Mirage amusement arcade.

Dan Goldsmith, one of the rescuers, said: "We stopped members of the public who thought we had been sent on a wild goose chase, but after a bit of searching we found it shuffling along the pavement and it was in very good health."

Eastern Daily Press: The baby seal was rescued and put on Hemsby beach. The baby seal was rescued and put on Hemsby beach. (Image: Dan Goldsmith)

It was then taken back to the beach on a stretcher ready to find its way in the world.

Craig Morris, from the British Divers Marine Life Rescue, also coordinated the response and said it was likely this was the first time the seal had been on the beach.

It would have been born on the dunes and got lost once it was left to fend for itself after three weeks. 

He added: "It had gone out for a pint and kebab rather than crab and lobster!"