From an Avon lady who disappears to a group of Morris dancers who end up buried under the rose bed, this is a house from where visitors don't return.

For this is the home of a family of eccentric misfits, and the scene of the action in A Tomb With A View, an upcoming play by Mundesley Players.

The comedy starts with a reading of the father’s will. Millions of pounds are left to a total stranger. The family is not happy and the bodies start to pile up.

A spokesman for the group said: "This extremely odd family contains so many strange characters that you will suddenly realise how normal your own family is.

"The four-poster bed contains a secret ancient mechanism. The sherry decanter contains a home-brewed potion that is best avoided. This very funny play makes you wonder if any of the cast will be alive to take their final bow."

Tickets for the show, which runs June 16-18 at 7.30pm, cost £10, available from or by calling 0333 666 3366.