Firefighters ‘rescued’ stranded police officers last night after their car got a puncture while responding to an incident in Fenland.

Fire crews from Wisbech responded well to Cambridgeshire Police’s impromptu “F1 pit stop challenge” late last night (April 8).

Pictures show three firefighters changing the wheel of the police car stuck at the roadside.

Eastern Daily Press: Three firefighters assisting police officers in Fenland.Three firefighters assisting police officers in Fenland. (Image: Cambridgeshire Police)

The ordeal reportedly caused delays on the road surrounding the incident.

One resident said: “I could not believe the amount of people needed and the queue it caused.”

A spokesperson for Cambridgeshire Police said: “Oh dear, even the police get punctures

“We can report that Wisbech Community Fire & Rescue Station failed their F1 Pit Stop challenge last night we set them.

Eastern Daily Press: The new wheel is on!The new wheel is on! (Image: Cambridgeshire Police)

“Still, they did change our flat tyre while we attended an incident with them.”

“Sometimes even we need rescuing,” added the police.

Another resident, praising the firefighters, said: “Good job they were there with you, don't get your hands dirty when someone is about.

“Thank you for everything you do for us officers. Please take care and please keep safe.”