The Green party has secured its first seats on Broadland District Council (BDC).

Three seats were up for grabs at BDC, after a spate of Conservative resignations - starting with Rebecca Grattan, who stepped down 18 months after moving to Prague.

On Wednesday, the two Brundall ward seats were won by Jan Davis and Eleanor Laming, the first Greens to sit on BDC.

Old Catton and Sprowston West was secured again for the Conservatives by Richard Potter.

Ms Laming said they were excited and proud that residents of Brundall have voted for them.

"Our plan is to be hard working for the ward. Residents haven't had the representation they would have liked over the years, so I hope we can meet their expectations," she said.

Mr Davis said the Conservatives should be worried about losing ground, particularly Norfolk County Council leader Andrew Proctor, who represents the Brundall area.

"He was out on the campaign trail, he's well-known in the area, but people are losing trust in the county council," he said.

The pair were particularly concerned about continuing housebuilding projects not supported by infrastructure, including doctor's surgeries, and national issues like falling biodiversity.

Mr Davis added: "We have been campaigning hard - we put ourselves forward because we were concerned about the lack of local views being taken into account."

Mr Potter said he is determined to maintain outdoor spaces and looks forward to meeting the residents of the area.

“I’m honoured to have been elected to represent the people of Old Catton and Sprowston, I’m very grateful for all the people who have allowed the count to happen today.

“I’m especially grateful to my wife who allowed me to run in the first place and turn our garage into a campaign headquarters.”

Brundall results

Tim Catmull, Cons - 480

Jan Davis, Greens - 594

Eleanor Laming, Greens - 530

Michael Phelps, Cons - 453

Eleanor Mason, Lib Dems - 425

Victor Scrivens, Lib Dems - 303

Alice Myfanwy Free, Lab - 161

Glenn Springett, Lab - 137

Turnout: 32.18pc

Old Catton and Sprowston results

Richard Potter, Cons - 721

Martin Booth, Lab - 332

John Chettleburgh, Lib Dems 278

Ian Chapman, Green - 110

Turnout: 21.91pc