A pup who had a difficult start to life is looking for a loving home after being rescued from a shelter. 

Safe Rescue For Dogs is searching for a home for Hocus, a crossbreed currently being fostered in Norwich after arriving in their care around a year ago.

The medium-sized pooch suffered a stroke which impaired his mobility and balance for several months but after completing his lead and handling training he is now ready to look for a new home.

Hocus is a crossbreed believed to be more than six years oldHocus is a crossbreed believed to be more than six years old (Image: Safe Rescue For Dogs) A Safe Rescue For Dogs spokeswoman said: "He’s a battle-scarred boy who has clearly had a rough life.

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"I still don’t think he can quite believe that there are only good things in store for him now.

Hocus is currently being fostered in NorwichHocus is currently being fostered in Norwich (Image: Safe Rescue For Dogs) "Anyone taking Hocus on will need to be prepared to work to build the relationship and not expect too much back from him in the early weeks."

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Hocus was not a fan of people to begin with but now that he is recovering from his stroke he has made progress after being around the staff members at the charity.  

Hocus passed his lead trainingHocus passed his lead training (Image: Safe Rescue For Dogs) Described as a "portly little chap who really likes his food", Hocus still isn’t completely convinced about human affection and while he does allow people to stroke him, he doesn’t push himself forward to ask for it.

After recovering from his stroke, Hocus is still not keen on long walks but his fitness levels may improve in a new home.

The charity says that while Hocus's passport claims he is six years old they believe that he may be older. 

He will need a family with no children under the age of 12 and while he can live with other dogs, he would also be fine as the only dog in the home.