A reward is being offered for anyone who can help find a peacock who has done a bunk from a country estate.

Gerald went missing from the leafy Fring Estate, near Heacham, some days ago. 

Freddie Brun, director of the estate, said: "There have been reports of sightings in Docking and even a rumour of him being seen in Burnham Market.

Eastern Daily Press: Gerald pictured with Fring Estate manager Matt EnglandGerald pictured with Fring Estate manager Matt England (Image: Fring Estate)

"We would love him back.  He is friendly, likes company and is greatly missed by his fellow peacocks Brian and Quentin."

Mr Brun is offering a reward of a two-night weekend stay in May or June in the Potting Shed, a romantic getaway that sleeps two on the estate, to anyone who can help find Gerald.

Peacocks can live for up to 50 years, although Mr Brun said he did not know exactly how old Gerald was.

Gerald's disappearance comes after locals in East Winch, near King's Lynn, feared fowl play after the village's flock of peafowl went missing from their roost in the churchyard.

Eastern Daily Press: Gerald has gone missing from the Fring Estate, near HeachamGerald has gone missing from the Fring Estate, near Heacham (Image: Fring Estate)

While some villagers adopted the birds and fed them when they visited their gardens, others complained about their noise and territorial males attacking their cars.

Famed for their colourful fan of tail feathers, peacocks are also renowned for their raucous calls.

The birds are known to wander exploring for miles, mainly on foot although they can also fly for short distances. But experts say they always return home.

The species, which came from the Indian sub-continent, is believed to have been introduced to Britain in the 14th century.

While peafowl have long been a popular ornamental bird, many have escaped captivity and roam freely, breeding in the wild.

They have also been known to mysteriously appear in people's gardens and last April a bevy of peafowl took a particular fancy to gardens in Dereham.

Anyone who thinks they've sighted Gerald should call 01485 518229 or e-mail office@fringestate.co.uk.