Pupils from Smithdon High School, Hunstanton, earned a visit to Alton Towers for their achievements and dedication to school life.

The trip was hosted as part of the annual Reward Trip introduced to the school in 2019.

The high school's assistant headteacher, Steve Chapman, said: “Students with a good approach to school life are invited to join a trip allowing them to enjoy time with their Year group before the busy GCSE exam period.”

The entire trip lasted approximately three and a half hours with a break for breakfast at Grantham Services.

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On the tour of Alton Towers, the Year 11 group had the chance to enjoy many rides including the ‘big seven coasters’.

These comprised of Oblivion, Nemesis, Galactica, Rita, Wicker Man, Thirteen, plus the 14-loop Smiler, along with the recently introduced Nemesis Reborn.

Mr Chapman believes such trips to be essential, as they reward students for their achievements and allow them to bond outside of a school setting.

He added: “It was an excellent day, thoroughly enjoyed by staff and students – and worth the 6am start.”