With rapeseed starting to blossom, experts have issued advice about the potential dangers to your four-legged friends and warned against "misinformation" being posted on social media. 

Several social media posts have been circulating stating that rapeseed is extremely poisonous to dogs causing blindness, haemolytic anaemia, digestive issues and wounds to open - causing alarm amongst some dog owners. 

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A spokeswoman for the Dogs Trust, however, explained that although it can be harmful normally the effect is mild. 

She said: "If dogs ingest rapeseed, they can develop gastrointestinal issues such as vomiting, diarrhoea, and abdominal tenderness.

"However, generally, these are mild in nature. 

"There have also been reports about rapeseed causing skin burns.

"This reaction appears to occur when a dog runs through fields of rapeseed and, while sometimes it can be severe, it does not happen to every dog and is fortunately very rare. 

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"Although some of the signs can occur, they are not common, and owners should not be unduly alarmed."

The Veterinary Poisons Information Service also warned that these posts are "misinformation" instead arguing the symptoms mentioned in the posts are only seen in grazing animals. 

They said: " Dogs can develop gastrointestinal upset if they have ingested some of the plant, and there have been reports of skin reactions which resemble burns.

"This is extremely rare and does not happen to every dog which comes into contact with it.