The Northern Lights have been captured over Norfolk in stunning images. 

One photographer pictured an Aurora display as far inland as Snetterton, as it turned the sky into various shades of magenta.

Eastern Daily Press: The Northern Lights captured in SnettertonThe Northern Lights captured in Snetterton (Image: @my_norfolk_dream)

Another photographer reported seeing the purple lights dancing over Breydon Water near Great Yarmouth just after 11pm.

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​People across the rest of the UK were also treated to displays as they were seen from the top of Scotland to as far south as Dorset. 

Eastern Daily Press: The aurora borealis over Breydon WaterThe aurora borealis over Breydon Water (Image: Simon's Weather Photography)

The Northern Lights are typically seen nearer to the Arctic Circle in locations such as Norway and Iceland.

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They are caused by particles from the sun entering the Earth's atmosphere at high speed.

Eastern Daily Press: The display over SnettertonThe display over Snetterton (Image: @my_norfolk_dream)The number of aurora borealis sightings is set to reach a peak over the next year as the next solar maximum is expected around 2025.

Krista Hammond, manager at the Met Office Space Weather Operations Centre, said: “Over the coming years, as we continue towards the solar maximum, we can expect to see an increase in the frequency of space weather events, with more chances to see the Aurora Borealis over the UK.”