A doctor who bombarded women with sexually explicit images of himself has been removed from the medical register.

James Richard White, who qualified as a doctor in 2015, left six women feeling "violated" after they received unsolicited photographs and videos of him nude.

Last year, a Medical Practitioners Tribunal panel suspended his medical licence after two of his victims - both fellow doctors - reported him to the General Medical Council.

During GMC investigations, four further women came forward sharing their experiences of Dr White, each providing details of explicit text messages and "cyber-flashing".

One of the women, known as Dr B, said watching a video he had sent her made her "feel violated".

Following the initial tribunal, a panel opted to suspend him from the profession for 12 months.

However, a review of the decision a year later has now removed the UEA graduate from the medical register completely - after Dr White provided no evidence ahead of the hearing.

Fiona Barnett, who chaired the panel, wrote in a report: "Because he has not engaged, the tribunal had no idea what he has been doing since his suspension was imposed or what his current situation is in terms of keeping his skills and knowledge up to date.

"As Dr White had not provided evidence to persuade this tribunal that he has insight into his misconduct and is fit to practice, the tribunal found the risk of repetition currently remains.

"Patients, colleagues and other members of the public remain at risk of harm, he is still liable to bring the profession into disrepute and is still liable to breach a fundamental tenet of the profession."

During the 2023 tribunal, Dr White said: "I recognise the harm that this has caused and strongly advise the deciding body to strip me of my medical title."

He did not participate in the latest tribunal.