The future of an inquest into the death of an 83-year-old murder victim depends if the family wants it to continue.

Winifred Patricia Holland, who was known as Pat to her friends, was killed by Allan Scott, 42, who was convicted of her murder on March 24, 2023, following a trial.

Her inquest had been adjourned while there was an active police investigation into her death was ongoing.

Area coroner Yvonne Blake held another inquest review on April 11 at Norfolk Coroner's Court into Mrs Holland's death.

The court was told that there is a domestic homicide review ongoing which means it will need to be adjourned, but additionally that the inquest will "only take place if the family want to continue".

A further review has been scheduled and is due to take place on August 16, 2024.

Mrs Holland, a regular churchgoer and a familiar face at her local foodbank, had taken pity on Scott when she met him while he was homeless and selling his paintings outside a shop on Gorleston High Street.

He started to lodge with her in August 2020.

The victim's will, which would have allowed Scott to stay in her home for up to three years after her death, was changed in the weeks before she died.

Eastern Daily Press: Patricia Holland (Image Supplied by Kathryn Holland)Patricia Holland (Image Supplied by Kathryn Holland) (Image: Kathryn Holland)

The new terms meant Scott would have been liable for eviction if she died, prompting him to murder Mrs Holland and burn her body so he could say she had gone missing.

Before her death, Mrs Holland had told neighbours and family she "wanted him out of her home" but Scott was "determined to stay".

On the evening of Saturday, July 24, the neighbours had alerted police after she turned up at their home in a distressed state, saying Scott had become abusive after an argument.

Police attended and Mrs Holland said she wanted Scott to leave the address. Officers spoke him and he eventually agreed to leave and walked off.

CCTV footage shows him walking back towards the address around 17 minutes after officers had left.

The following afternoon, on Sunday, July 25, Mrs Holland's daughter, Kathryn, called round to her mother’s address and was told by Scott that she had gone to church and would not be home until 5.30pm.

Eastern Daily Press: Allan Scott murdered Pat HollandAllan Scott murdered Pat Holland (Image: Norfolk Constabulary)

Kathryn noticed what looked like blood on the door and called police.

An investigation to establish her whereabouts was launched and the following day Scott was arrested on suspicion of her murder.

A number of neighbours told police they had seen a large bonfire at the back of Mrs Holland's garden overnight on Sunday.

A large number of bone fragments were recovered from the fire which were identified to be human remains.

Eastern Daily Press: The home of Patricia Holland in from Lowestoft Road, Gorleston. The home of Patricia Holland in from Lowestoft Road, Gorleston. (Image: Liz Coates)

In the house, a forensic biologist found blood spatter on items of furniture, a suitcase, a cardboard box and books.

The pattern of blood suggested the items had been moved and the scene manipulated.

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There were also indications of blood on a wall in the hallway, the floor between the hallway and kitchen, moving towards the garden and pond area.

Eastern Daily Press: Forensic Services van outside house of Patricia HollandForensic Services van outside house of Patricia Holland (Image: James Weeds)

A green t-shirt with apparent blood staining was also found in the washing machine.

More blood was found outside the kitchen door and towards one of the garden sheds.

A comparison of body-worn footage from officers who were at the house on Saturday evening and on Sunday afternoon showed sections of the carpet in the hallway and living room had been cut.

The remnants were later recovered at the bonfire site.

Eastern Daily Press: Patricia Holland in her home. Patricia Holland in her home. (Image: Elizabeth Hemmings)