If you want to boost your presence online, you need engagement. Choose these 5 companies for buying high-quality comments that will help to grow your Instagram.

As of March 2022, Instagram had 34.74 million active users in the UK alone, making it one of the most important and influential social media platforms in the country (and the world as a whole). So, if you want to become a social media influencer, or you plan to use social media as a part of your marketing strategy, you will find many different opportunities to grow and solidify your brand there.

In fact, if you work with the Instagram algorithm properly, you can begin to reach international audiences, which is incredibly beneficial when you’re trying to build a career as an influencer. Having an international reach can increase what you earn in a paid post from around £100 to upwards of £1,000.

While it may seem easy to make money on Instagram, the truth is: building a following that you can monetise is often a slow and non-linear process. This is partly because of how the Instagram algorithm functions.

Don’t have time for the full article? Then here’s a spoiler: check out these top 5 sites to buy Instagram comments and get a meaningful boost to your Instagram account now:

  1. Twicsy
  2. Buzzoid
  3. Rushmax
  4. The Social Co.
  5. DigitalBoost Co.

How the Instagram Algorithm Works 

As Instagram has billions of users across the world, ensuring that content is shown to people who are interested in the topic it concerns is a huge process. The algorithm is a program that categorises and prioritises content based on the hashtags used and the amount of engagement that a post or account gets.

In short, if you use the right hashtags and get quality likes or comments from your followers (as well as other Instagram users), the algorithm will recommend your content to users that have shown an interest in similar posts and accounts. Of course, the problem with engagement being so crucial is that large accounts have a distinct advantage when it comes to how the algorithm values posts.

If you want to boost your engagement rate to increase your chance of having content spread organically, then buying comments or other engagement actions can be incredibly helpful. But there are also risks.

Is Buying Instagram Comments Worth It? 

When you work with the right companies, there are many advantages to buying Instagram comments, likes, or followers. The most obvious benefit is the immediate boost to your average engagement rate.

The second benefit is the fact that high quality comments encourage secondary organic growth, as your bought-comments cause the algorithm to pick up your posts and recommend them to more accounts. This higher level of engagement and the growth that comes with it can lead to more opportunities for income.

So, why do so many people warn against buying Instagram comments? Well, buying comments, engagement, and followers is against Instagram’s terms of use, which means that if the comments you buy are flagged as suspicious, your Instagram account could be suspended or terminated. However, a reliable, reputable company will provide you with high quality, organic-seeming comments that do not raise suspicion.

The Best Sites to Buy Instagram Comments From

If you want to buy Instagram comments that will help your account grow, rather than cause you issues, you need to work with the right companies. We have taken the guesswork out of it by compiling a list of the 5 best companies to buy Instagram comments from in the UK.


There is no denying that Twicsy is number-one when it comes to bought-comments, likes, and followers on Instagram. They have years of experience, a great reputation, and plenty of reviews from happy customers. In fact, Twicsy is somewhat of an open secret in the influencer community.

Eastern Daily Press:

Why are they so loved? For a start, Twicsy works with the highest quality, non-bot Instagram accounts to deliver real, tailored, and organic-looking comments that have a positive impact on your engagement rate. Second, Twicsy has a large and responsive customer service team that offers guidance and support, alongside resolving issues.

Their website is intuitive, secure, and easy to navigate, and they deliver orders in a timely manner. In short, Twicsy hit the mark every time, and if there are issues, you can rely on them to spring into action and give you the support that you need. The cherry on top is that while they are slightly more expensive than less established companies, Twicsy offers good value for money.


Looking for a service that mirrors Twicsy’s quality, but with less fluff and a lower price tag? If so, Buzzoid could be perfect for you. Like Twicsy, they have a good reputation and provide great quality engagement from active and authentic Instagram accounts. Unlike Twicsy, they don’t provide oversight and support, so their service is really best for established Instagram users.

Eastern Daily Press:

Buzzoid makes it incredibly easy to place and finalise your order without creating an account. They accept multiple common payment methods, including most major credit and debit cards. They also have a range of different packages, so you can begin small and start building up your account over time if you want to be cautious.


Are you mostly concerned about online security and privacy when it comes to buying Instagram comments or followers? If so, Rushmax’s dedication to total privacy and stringent online security will gel well with your ethos and goals. Rushmax does not require you to make an account to order, and they will wipe any information you give them from their temporary servers after your purchase. This means that there will be no public link between your Instagram account and this order.

They have a variety of different packages offering engagement actions and followers, so it is easy to buy exactly what you need. However, the guidance around these packages is minimal. With this in mind, it’s best to underestimate the threshold for suspicious growth before you order. For example, if you only have 1,000 followers, buying 500 comments will appear suspicious. However, if you already have 10,000 followers, then this will seem much less suspect.

The Social Co.

The Social Co. is one of the best companies to work with if you are a nano- or micro-influencer looking to grow and make waves. Whether you are already starting to see growth or you are at the beginning of your journey, The Social Co. provides tailored comments from authentic Instagram accounts and takes customer data security seriously.

When you order comments from The Social Co., you can expect quick delivery and a consistent level of quality. However, they are mostly focussed on Influencers, so if you are a business owner seeking help with your marketing strategy, choose another company from this list.

DigitalBoost Co.

DigitalBoost Co. may be a fairly young company, but they have already started to garner a solid reputation and positive customer reviews. Though they do store data, they are incredibly strict about their website’s security protocols and never share information with their parties.

They provide high-quality comments from non-bot accounts and also offer engagement services, such as likes and followers. The one downside is that their comment quality is not as consistent as some of the others on this list. However, as they are a young company, this is likely to change as they gain experience.

Why These Companies?

We are social media aficionados who know how hard it can be to curate a brand and an Instagram account that makes waves. This is why we took care to find brands that take steps to minimise the risk of account suspension or termination.

Beyond this, we considered reviews left by customers, the companies’ security record, and companies that offer a variety of services and/or packages. Each of these companies is best suited to a specific kind of Instagram user, so take the time to research them all and consider your goals before making your choice.