It is an exhibition which has captured the hearts and minds of the people… one which looks back at the golden years of manufacturing in Norwich.

At last, thanks to Dr Nick Warr and Associate Professor Dr Simon Dell of the UEA,  we can share the collection of wonderful photographs taken by Walter and printed by Rita Nurnberg at an exhibition at Norwich Castle.

Since it opened last October many people have visited to see friends and relatives at work in the 1940s and 50s and a VIP was Margaret Richardson, now aged 90, who was photographed working at the Mackintosh/Caley chocolate factory.

Eastern Daily Press: The Nurnberg family with curator Dr Simon Dell (on the left) and photographer Bill Smith (centre)

“I remember the photograph being taken. He gave me a copy,” she told me.

On display are magnificent photographs taken at Caley’s, Edwards & Holmes shoe factory and at the world famous works of Boulton & Paul

Among the latest visitors was Andrew Nurnberg, Walter and Rita’s son, who remembers visiting the chocolate factory with his father in 1958 when he was 11, and eating many Rolos. A dream come true for a young boy!

Among those there to meet Andrew and his family was one of Walter’s former students, Norwich photographer Bill Smith.

Bill trained with Walter at the Guildford School of Photography in the late 1960s, and has kept a letter Walter sent about starting his career.

What is clear from the exhibition is the Nurnberg passion for photography, Walter’s meticulous eye and phenomenal attention to detail.Eastern Daily Press: Walter Nurnberg’s photograph of George Thomas Fisher marking steel at Boulton and Paul in 1947/8

And Andrew and his family were particularly impressed with the way the exhibition shines a light on Rita’s involvement in the photography.

“We send our warmest thanks to you and the whole team for delivering such a stunning exhibition. I am still reeling from my visit I have been telling everyone who will listen just how elegant and alluring your presentation is,” he said.

Eastern Daily Press: Photographs by Walter and Rita Nurnberg capturing post-war working life in three Norwich factories

*Norwich Works is on display at the Castle until April 14. It is well worth a visit. You may even recognise a friend or relative.

Eastern Daily Press: Shoe lasts at Edwards & Holmes Esdelle Works in 1948


Eastern Daily Press: Photographs by Walter and Rita Nurnberg capturing post-war working life in three Norwich factoriesA rare look at the way we lived our lives

It was 130 years ago when the first pictures on postcards were published in this country…and now they have become a rare look at the way we lived our lives.

Then in 1902 regulations allowed one side of the card to be used for the illustration and the reverse side for the name, address and message.

Postcard collecting became a national craze, there were albums most homes and then, during the First World War, they were the link between members of the forces and loved ones back home.

As time moves on the illustrations on the cards of our changing communities and the people become more important and pieces of history.

Take Mingo the Measle for example.

Eastern Daily Press: The postcard of Mingo the Measel at CNS School back in the 1930s

A nasty-looking creature who stalked the streets of Norwich in the 1930s.

He was the creation of CNS pupils and George Swain took this photograph which was turned into a postcard.

Mingo illustrated the deadly dangers of measles in a way which attracted much attention when he was part of the Norwich Hospitals carnival of 1931 looked after by pupils and members of the members of the medical profession.