A parenting and lifestyle blogger who has faced eight years of online abuse has spoken out after receiving death threats to her children from a troll dubbed ‘Lucy Letby’. 

Rebecca Fisher, of Burnham Market, blogs under the pseudonym The Coastal Mummy and has become used to the daily barrage of hateful and hurtful comments. 

But in a recent TikTik video, a user – who named themselves after the convicted serial baby-murderer, nurse Lucy Letby – threatened to harm the 29-year-old's young daughters. 

Mrs Fisher, 29, a married mother of three, said: “I received horrific messages from a troll about me and my children. Threats to hurt them.  

“They have named themselves Lucy Letby.  

“I've been doing social media for eight years. I've dealt with trolls before, but this TikTok Live was the worst.  

“I can let the comments about me go as I've heard it all before. But to threaten to hurt my children? That's too far. Way too far.” 

Eastern Daily Press: Rebecca Fisher has been targeted by online trolls again

Mrs Fisher reported the comments to TikTok. It said the messages do not go against its guidelines. 

She has also since reported it to Norfolk Police, who told her they have “no powers” to deal with posts on the platform. 

And in a follow-up phone call, they told Mrs Fisher that the comments were “part and parcel” of being on social media. 

A statement from Norfolk Constabulary said: “Officers received a report of malicious communication on March 20, 2024.  

“The incident occurred at around 4pm when the victim received threatening comments on a live broadcast they were hosting online. 

“The incident was also reported to the online platform where it was posted.  

“The platform have said that the comments did not breach their community guidelines and they would not be investigating.  

“The officer in the case discussed this with the victim and it was agreed that no further action would be appropriate at this stage. 

“While officers are able to request digital information from an online platform, this would only be used when proportionate.  

“This case did not meet that threshold.” 

Eastern Daily Press: Rebecca Fisher with her husband and young family