A dog has been returned to Dogs Trust Snetterton after spending three years with what he thought was his forever family.

Jax, a four-year-old Staffy Collie cross, was returned after his adopters faced a change in circumstances.

The Dogs Trust team is now appealing for somebody else to step in and give him another chance.

Eastern Daily Press: Jax is friendly and affectionate with peopleJax is friendly and affectionate with people (Image: Dogs Trust)

They describe Jax as a friendly and affectionate boy who enjoys being around people.

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They say he will need somebody at home with him all day until he is fully settled and can start adapting to alone time.

Eastern Daily Press: He gets anxious when other dogs enter his personal spaceHe gets anxious when other dogs enter his personal space (Image: Dogs Trust)

Jax loves spending time outside and would enjoy a home with a private garden surrounded by 6ft fencing to run around in.

Jax suffers from anxiety around other dogs and consequently wears a muzzle while out and about.

He is doing well with his training but needs a new owner who will continue supporting him through the transition.