The team at RSPCA West Norfolk is appealing for help to rehome the abundance of black cats currently in their care.

Helena Redfern, the centre's Senior of Cats and Small Animals, said it is currently home to a disproportionate number of black cats.

She said black cats usually take twice as long to rehome as they are often overlooked for more "desirable" colours.

"We would really like to find our beautiful black cats their forever home so their stay with us is as short as possible," she said.

Here are just some of the cats currently available.

1. Rowena and Crowley

Eastern Daily Press: Rowena and Crowley are four-month-old kittensRowena and Crowley are four-month-old kittens (Image: RSPCA)

Rowena and Crowley are four-month-old kittens who came into the care of the RSPCA through no fault of their own.

They love playing with their toys and snuggling up together.

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They are still a little shy around people but are reportedly growing in confidence every day.

They would like a home where any children are aged 12 and above and any dogs are cat-friendly.

2. Bobby and Joan

Eastern Daily Press: Bobby and Joan are also gradually growing in confidenceBobby and Joan are also gradually growing in confidence (Image: RSPCA)

Bobby and Joan are also four-month-old kittens that are getting over their confidence issues.

They could live in a home with other cats and dogs who are friendly with cats.

Any children in the family should be over the age of 12.

3. Annie

Eastern Daily Press: Annie came to the centre after her owner diedAnnie came to the centre after her owner died (Image: RSPCA)

Annie arrived at the RSPCA after her owner died.

She was found to have an ear condition which is being managed with regular medication.

Annie found life in the cattery stressful but is reportedly doing much better since being moved to her foster home.

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More information about the cats looking for homes at RSPCA West Norfolk can be found on the centre's website.

Ms Redfern would also like to urge the importance of neutering to reduce the number of stray kittens this season.

Anyone who needs assistance can contact the RSPCA for support.