A shy and hungry kitten was rescued 'in a sorry state' after getting stuck in a glue trap designed to catch rats.

A member of the public alerted the RSPCA after spotting him in Great Fransham last month. 

The four-month-old kitten, who has been named Basil, was rushed to a vet where he had to be sedated to remove the glue stuck to his fur.

RSPCA inspector Dean Astillberry said: “This poor little lad was in a very sorry state and clearly distressed and scared by what had happened to him.

“The glue was all over his fur and you could see that he had been trying in vain to get it off him.

“We think that he’s feral or has not had any real contact with humans. It was heartbreaking to see him in such a desperate situation.

“The vet team were amazing and spent time gently washing and shaving away his glued fur which had covered almost all his body.

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“Thankfully Basil’s injuries will heal with time but he was very lucky he was found when he was.”

Eastern Daily Press: Basil was found in a 'heartbreaking' stateBasil was found in a 'heartbreaking' state (Image: RSPCA)

Basil was transferred to the RSPCA Mid Norfolk and North Suffolk branch where they will work to get him ready for rehoming.

Chloe Shorten, head of animal welfare at the branch said: “Basil Glue Kitten as we affectionately call him is doing really well and really starting to trust us.

“This little boy has been through so much and was so shy, it’s only now his character is starting to come through.

"He’s so shy he only plays with his toys at night when he thinks no one is around.

"He does have patchy, bare wounds where the glue was removed but these are all now starting to heal. 

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“Once he is fully recovered and more confident we will look to rehome him and find him the forever home he truly deserves.”

The RSPCA Mid Norfolk and North Suffolk branch, which celebrates its 60th anniversary this year, covers a wide area across Norfolk and Suffolk including Norwich, Cromer, Wymondham, Dereham and Lowestoft.

It has recently launched an #EveryoneForEveryAnimal campaign with Crowdfunder.