A local property auctioneer has shared what it is like to work behind the scenes of Homes Under The Hammer.

The daytime BBC show visits properties across the country which are available for purchase by auction.

It then follows the journey of buyers as they renovate the properties.

Chris Bailey, an auctioneer at Auction House East Anglia, has been working with the Homes Under The Hammer production team, Lion Television, for years and has filmed with them at two properties this week alone. 

"We used to have the team come in to film at our in-room auctions about once a year," Mr Bailey explained.

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"They would first have to select a number of properties that would be suitable for the programme because, of course, if there aren't many renovations to be done, it wouldn't work for the show.

"They then had to see if the owners were willing to be featured - sometimes they would find two or three a day but other times they wouldn't get anyone."

Eastern Daily Press: Mr Bailey said seeing the renovations through is a nice little perk of the jobMr Bailey said seeing the renovations through is a nice little perk of the job (Image: Jo Malone)

He said that this process changed after February 2020 when the pandemic hit and Auction House transitioned into live streaming their auctions.

"Now after each auction I'll look through the properties and see for myself which ones would work on Homes Under The Hammer," Mr Bailey said.

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"Because of GDPR, I can't pass along the buyers' information to the production company - but if I think the property would work, I do pass the company's details along with the information packs I send to the buyer.

"If they're interested, they can reach out themselves."

Mr Bailey sometimes gets invited to film at the featured properties before they are auctioned to provide an interviewer with some information about the building.

He may then get called back once the projects are complete to showcase the difference the buyers have made. 

"It's one of those nice little perks to get to see the projects from beginning to end," he said.

Mr Bailey usually auctions properties in and around Norwich and said his Auction House colleagues in different regions have similar working relationships with Lion Television. 

Homes Under The Hammer airs on BBC One every day at 11.15am.