Action has been taken against speeding drivers at a Norfolk car meet.

Police received several calls after a large meeting of cars, which started at Longwater Retail Park near Norwich moved over to Caister and Great Yarmouth before travelling to Suffolk on February 3.

Along a section of South Denes Road in Great Yarmouth, officers found several cars breaching a Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO) which aims to prevent antisocial driving in the area.

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Three vehicles were clocked speeding in the 30mph zone, one at 39mph, one at 42mph and one at 57mph. 

One of these cars was also found without a front number plate.

All three were issued with speeding tickets and fined for breaching the PSPO.

A spokesman for Great Yarmouth Police said: "While we don’t want to spoil people’s fun, we do take antisocial and dangerous driving seriously and will continue to prosecute those who take things too far."