South Lynn green space is set to undergo a spring clean thanks to members of Harding’s Pits Community Association.

Members plan to freshen up the site, with their first workday of the year scheduled on March 23 to coincide with the Keep Britain Tidy event, The Great British Spring Clean.

Chairman, Rob Archer said: "Any local residents are free to come and join us and we will give you gloves, bags and picker sticks.

"At this time of year it is a great chance to do a ‘deep clean’ of the site before the undergrowth starts growing."

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In the past, they’ve bagged up to 50 sacks of rubbish from the site.

Vice chairman Rick Morrish said: "We try to sort out clean glass and cans into separate sacks.

"The County Council recycling centre at Costessy can recover materials like these for commercial sale.

"Recycled aluminium is presently worth £1,000 per tonne.

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"That helps to pay for Norfolk’s waste services."

The meet-up location is at the north-west corner of Winfarthing Play Fields at 9.30am.

Mr Morrish said: "We hope new volunteers will become regular attendees.

"All of our workdays are published on the website."