Norfolk Clubhouse announces its latest campaign to continue delivering mental health support and employability skills training.

The Watton branch of the charity will aim to raise £6,000.

This is intended to benefit people in the area who may struggle to reach Clubhouse meetings in central and north Norwich.

Founded by Norfolk psychotherapist June Webb in 2019, this fundraising effort will support the group’s base operations at Watton Christian Community Centre.

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The charity hosts weekly meetings in the community, laying out a range of activities and offering support for those facing mental health challenges.

Ms Webb, said: "The Watton branch of Norfolk Clubhouse serves as a lifeline for individuals in a location where mental health provisions are very limited.

"Our small but dedicated team provides essential support, enabling Clubhouse members to overcome life’s challenges and regain a sense of purpose and wellbeing.

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“We may not be a large charity, but we hope that people in the area will appreciate the value in what we do and consider donating something - however big or small - to help keep the Watton Hub running in these difficult times."

The funds from this campaign will be used to cover part-time support worker costs and also the cost of renting the venue for the next year.

Achieving the £6,000 target is crucial to the charity's Watton operations ensuring that Norfolk Clubhouse can continue to make a positive impact on the lives of those in need.

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A member, who wishes to remain anonymous, said: “I’d just like to express how much I value Watton Norfolk Clubhouse.

"I can honestly say the support offered has helped me through a very dark year with regards to my mental health.”

To donate to the Watton Clubhouse, visit, or head to