A young lurcher cross is looking for a loving home after being abandoned early in life. 

PACT Animal Sanctuary is appealing for a happy home for Babet who came into their care last November. 

Believed to be about two years old, a dog warden brought him into the sanctuary as an unclaimed stray. 

Eastern Daily Press: Babet is believed to be about two years old (Photo: PACT)Babet is believed to be about two years old (Photo: PACT) (Image: PACT Animal Sanctuary)A spokesman for the charity said: "When Babet first came to us he was in quite a sorry state.

"He was underweight and struggling with an old injury to one of his toes which subsequently meant that he had to have it removed.

"This does not affect Babet and will not cause him any future issues. Babet is now feeling much better and is ready to find a new home!"

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According to PACT, Babet does not appear to have had much training so he would benefit from an owner willing to work with him.

He is very well-behaved on lead walks but has a strong prey drive. For this reason, it would not be suitable for him to live with cats or other small animals. 

Eastern Daily Press: Babet enjoys socialising with other dogs (Photo: PACT Animal Sanctuary)Babet enjoys socialising with other dogs (Photo: PACT Animal Sanctuary) (Image: PACT Animal Sanctuary)One of Babet's favourite hobbies is snoozing on a comfy duvet.

According to staff, he loves cuddles and attention and greets anyone he meets with a "waggy tail".

As a sociable dog, Babet would be best suited to having someone at home the majority of the time or to live with another dog for company. 

Anyone who would like to find out more about Babet should contact PACT at 01362 820775.