Two porpoises have been spotted swimming in a quay in King's Lynn. 

Ryann Gomer, a crew member on a fishing boat, was out on the South Quay at 12.30pm on Tuesday.

He was completing maintenance tasks before heading out to sea when he spotted the marine mammals in the water.

"I have seen seals and the usual sea activity but this was the first time I have seen a porpoise in the year I have been working on the boat," Mr Gomer said.

"It's what makes the job worth doing, seeing sights like that."

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After reviewing the footage, Carl Chapman from Wildlife Tours and Education said: "The shape of the dorsal fins say they are 100pc Harbour Porpoise.

"This is not unusual in the Wash or the River Great Ouse - now find me an Orca and that would be something to shout about!" 

Although porpoises have been seen in the area before, sightings of them so far inland are rare.

In Norfolk, porpoises are usually seen just off the coast but sometimes get stranded on beaches.

They are commonly mistaken for dolphins but they do not have the same elongated beaks and their dorsal fins are triangular rather than curved.