Amnesiagate - as the scandal has become known - has gripped readers for the best part of a year now. 

And it is one of the most talked about stories I have been involved in during a 21-year career that has spanned both regional and national titles. 

But the reaction from readers and sources within the force has been wildly different on occasion. 

When I meet members of the public they tend to offer amazement that this incident could ever have happened. But one chat with a serving officer was telling. He asked: "Why are you so obsessed with a minor traffic shunt?"

The answer is simple: This story is not about the fact a police car was involved in an accident. It's that police officers left the scene. It's about the fact an officer who had a known medical condition was allowed to drive and even carry a gun.

Eastern Daily Press:

The police, on the whole, do a wonderful job in very tricky situations. They often put themselves on the line to protect our safety. This paper always has and will remain very supportive of our force. 

But they are supposed to have our backs. They are supposed to be there to protect and serve the public who - let us not forget - pay their wages. 

When those in authority fail a member of the public it falls to us, the media, to hold them to account. Not just in the Amnesigate case but in the numerous cases that have engulfed the force recently. 

As a very proud editor of this storied title, I vow that if anyone in power fails in their duty we will investigate. We will pile the pressure on. And we will call out injustice when we see it. 

We've got you.

Ultimately, of course, we accept the ruling which has now cleared PC Karl Warren of any intentional wrongdoing. His medical diagnosis explains how, on the day, this incident happened. The fact that light has now been shed on this mystery should be welcomed. We wish PC Warren and his wife Michelle all the very best. 

But there remain so many unanswered questions and the public deserve answers. It is astonishing someone who had any kind of diagnosed memory loss condition could sign out a firearm each day and drive a high-powered vehicle - not PC Warren's fault, but how is this allowed? 

In the end, it did prove to be a danger to the public. Thank god it was not far worse - it could very easily have resulted in someone's death.

Personally, I do not believe the whole truth surrounding this case will ever be known - and that should worry all of us. Where is that missing interview video? Why didn't PC Hargrave report it immediately? Questions for the force which are still unanswered.  

The police can and must learn from this case. New procedures should be put in place so this saga is not repeated. What happened on March 5, 2022, must never happen again. 

Eastern Daily Press:

Throughout this scandal - and on many levels it is a scandal - Chief Constable Paul Sanford has kept his counsel. This is understandable. But now he must speak. He must explain what learnings the force has taken. If some poor officer was to have a similar medical issue to PC Warren today would they also be allowed to drive and carry guns? We simply don't know.  

And Mr Sanford should also explain why PC Warren was afforded the help of his colleagues to be smuggled in and out of Wymondham HQ each day of the hearing when no-one else is - why are the police so desperate to protect this particular officer? PC Hargrave had to leave like everyone else when his misconduct hearing was held. 

Sadly for Mr Sanford this - and the numerous other scandals swirling around his force - look likely to overshadow his illustrious career. And I do believe he is a good copper trying to do the right thing - and largely succeeding. 

I am immensely proud of what the Eastern Daily Press has achieved in bringing this case to the attention of the public. Be in no doubt many inside the police wanted this to go away. Remember they were willing to drop it completely until the police standard body got involved. It was right that a full hearing was held so we could learn some of the facts. 

When the victim in this scandal had nowhere to turn she came to us. It should have been the job of the police to say: "Don't worry - we've got you." But that responsibility fell to the EDP. 

And as editor, I can assure you that when those in authority let you down we won't. We've got you, I've got you.