Felixstowe Seafront Gardens

Along Felixstowe’s seafront there are lively amusements, plenty of Ice cream stalls and the modern Felixstowe Pier, which was reopened after its £3 million regeneration in October 2017. But set back from the sand, Felixstowe Seafront Gardens are a beautiful place to admire the sea view and enjoy a peaceful wander amongst the greenery.


Consisting of paths, ponds and pavilions, the gardens offer a tranquil space for both visitors and local residents. The seafront gardens date back to the early 1900s when the town of Felixstowe was becoming more popular as a holiday destination. In 1902 the Felixstowe and Walton Improvement Act permitted a sea wall and promenade to be built, whilst the section of gardens belonging to the Felix Hotel (now Harvest House) were extended and redeveloped in 1903. In 1919 the gardens had further extensive works, and in 2015 there was additional restoration and rejuvenation work completed.


Now, the seafront gardens are maintained and kept tidy for everyone to use, and the people of Felixstowe are grateful to have them. Local resident, Julie Arkle said ‘We like walking through the gardens, and seeing all the spring flowers, particularly the daffodils.’


When in full bloom, Felixstowe Seafront Gardens showcase exotic varieties of plants, flowers, shrubbery and trees which surround the benches and ponds situated around the gardens. They offer a break from the hustle and bustle around Felixstowe’s popular areas, and a dedicated area to relax and take in the sea breeze.