Heavy downpours and strong winds are expected to batter the county today. 

A yellow weather warning for strong winds has been issued for Norfolk by the Met Office and is in place between 8am to 6pm today (February 22).

The weather warning for rain is in place for the whole county from 5am to 5pm. 

The Met Office has warned the conditions could lead to further flooding across the county and communities could be cut off by flooded roads.

It comes as a number of flood warnings and alerts were issued for the county ahead of more torrential rain. 

Met Office Chief Meteorologist Paul Gundersen said: "There’s a small chance that wind gusts could reach 60-70mph, mostly likely on exposed coasts, though more widely we're likely to see a shorter spell of heavy, squally rain with hail and thunder in a few places and gusts to around 50mph.

"Most places within the warning areas are likely to see 10-15mm of rain, with a chance of 30-40mm in a few places.

"This is falling on saturated ground, which elevates the chances of flooding and disruption.”

Here is an hour-by-hour weather forecast for the county today:

  • 7am - 30% chance of rain
  • 8am - 50% chance of rain
  • 9am - 20% chance of rain
  • 10am - 50% chance of rain
  • 11am - 50% chance of rain
  • 12pm - 40% chance of rain
  • 1pm - 70% chance of rain
  • 2pm - 60% chance of rain
  • 3pm - 70% chance of rain
  • 4pm - 70% chance of rain
  • 5pm - 80% chance of rain
  • 6pm - 80% chance of rain
  • 7pm - 80% chance of rain
  • 8pm - 20% chance of rain