Divorce proceedings can not only be emotionally devastating, but financially hazardous. Seeking professional financial advice on how to divide assets, money and belongings can help to safeguard your future, while simplifying a complicated process during a challenging time.  

Smith & Pinching has been giving independent financial advice for more than 50 years. With assets of more than £1.5bn under its management (as of September 30, 2023), Smith & Pinching is one of the largest firms in the East of England and became the first to be awarded the Chartered Financial Planners designation in 2009 by the Chartered Insurance Institute. 

Eastern Daily Press: Matt Goddard, Smith & Pinching associate director and chartered financial planner Matt Goddard, Smith & Pinching associate director and chartered financial planner (Image: Smith & Pinching)

“Our financial planners get to know each client well, and often work with several generations of each family – from their first savings or mortgage through to retirement and later life planning,” said Matt Goddard, Smith & Pinching associate director and chartered financial planner. 

“Trust is at the core of the relationship we have with our clients and we aim to make sure each and every one knows how valued and important they are to us.” 

Smith & Pinching’s service offering is unique, professional and strong – with a personal touch.  

“We take our responsibilities very seriously and do all we can to provide the best service. We constantly look at ways to improve and provide even more value for money to our clients. 

“We also work closely with professionals so that when our clients need help outside of our expertise, we can always find someone to help them.” 

Eastern Daily Press: The main financial issues people face during a divorce include valuing and dividing assetsThe main financial issues people face during a divorce include valuing and dividing assets (Image: iStockphoto)

Matt said that the main issues people face with their finances when going through a divorce include the prospect of valuing and dividing assets including pension arrangements. 

“It can also be incredibly daunting to look to a new and changed financial future – as well as the challenging emotional experiences associated with divorce," he added. 

The advisors at Smith & Pinching are experts in assessing financial situations and have extensive experience in dealing with divorcing couples and/or individuals. 

“Having been involved with the divorce process for many years, we fully understand what is required by a divorcing couple, their solicitors and the court,” said Matt. 

“Importantly, we also offer guidance and advice on the medium and long term financially. Our aim is always to offer comfort financially so that on this front in any event, there is much less to be concerned about.” 

Matt explained that the primary objective of financial advisors at Smith & Pinching is to provide information in an understandable format. 

“Finance can be full of complicated jargon and may seem daunting to many,” he said. “We look to simplify all of this so that people have a clear understanding of where they are financially today and tomorrow.

“Fundamentally, this is what most people want to know as they move through the divorce process.” 

What are the next best steps that people should take? 

“It all depends upon where people are in the process,” said Matt. “If a solicitor has already been appointed, it may be that our assistance can be sought via the solicitor.  

“Alternatively, either at the outset or at any point in the divorce process, people can contact us to arrange an initial meeting. We can then explore what might be required by way of information and advice.” 

For more information, call 01603 789966, email divorce@smith-pinching.co.uk or visit smith-pinching.co.uk