Parents in a Norfolk village have said it is "only a matter of time" before a child is hurt or killed on a busy road. 

Campaigners are calling for the installation of a pedestrian crossing in Norwich Road, Brooke, amid safety fears for local children.

The road runs through the centre of the village and is crossed by many people who need to get to Brooke Primary School. 

Stacey Waller, a mother of three whose children attend the school, said there have been numerous "near misses" on the road since the lollipop man retired last summer. 

Ms Waller said: "Safety concerns for the children should be paramount but councillors don't seem to realise how dangerous this is. 

"There are elderly and other vulnerable people in the village who need to cross the road and there are no safety measures whatsoever.

"I've nearly been run over a few times, cars come flying through."

Eastern Daily Press: Stacey Waller is one of the parents behind the campaignStacey Waller is one of the parents behind the campaign (Image: Stacey Waller)READ MORE: 'Inappropriate' survey probes primary pupils about parents' drinking - and their own

She has been speaking with Kay Mason Billig, leader of Norfolk County Council, regarding the issue since October, but now claims her emails are being ignored. 

Ms Billig said: "I totally understand the frustration of local parents on this matter, but I am doing all I can to resolve it.

"As this has become quite an emotive subject, it seemed best for me to step away from direct contact with some of the residents in Brooke. My attempts to help just seemed to be making them more frustrated because I couldn’t immediately solve the problem."

Eastern Daily Press: Norfolk County Council leader Kay Mason BilligNorfolk County Council leader Kay Mason Billig (Image: Norfolk County Council)

She said that attempts had been made to recruit a new lollipop person for the village but that this had so far been unsuccessful - although funds are still available for the position. 

"It is a parental responsibility to ensure their child gets to school," she added. "This process isn't going to happen very quickly and there is little I can do to change that."

Norfolk County Council said it has not yet been decided whether a pedestrian crossing would address safety issues in this location and, if so, what type of crossing would be most appropriate. 

The assessment is expected to be concluded next month.

A social media campaign for the installation of a pedestrian crossing has garnered the support of more than 100 followers. 

Ms Waller added: "It isn't just parents who are concerned, it's the wider community. 

"At some point, a child is going to be killed by a car on that road."