The risk of injury on the roads and streets in Norfolk is high today after a deluge of rain fell overnight. 

A yellow weather warning has been issued by the Met Office until midday, with rain and floodwater expected to cause travel disruption across the county. 

Flooding of homes and businesses in low-lying areas is also likely following the downpour. 

Some public services such as trains, buses and even electricity may be affected. 

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Police have warned motorists not to head out on the roads "unless absolutely necessary", saying the continual heavy rain has left the road network extremely poor and flooded.

Earlier this week a lorry became stranded after risking crossing a flooded road in Welney washes in southwest Norfolk.

Welney Wash Road was measured to be under approximately 3ft of water after rivers in the area burst their banks.

The parish council along with Norfolk highways have since blocked off the road, preventing any vehicles from attempting passage.