Climate-tech company Mobilityways is pioneering ground-breaking technologies to make the workforce commute more sustainable.

Commuting accounts for 5pc of the UK’s total carbon emissions, which adds up to 18 billion kg of CO2e annually. But one Norwich company is on a mission to make zero carbon commuting a reality.

Mobilityways is a tech-led social enterprise using ground-breaking climate tech to enable employers to measure, report and reduce commuter emissions.

Launched in 2021, the Mobilityways Dashboard is the only B2B software solution dedicated to decarbonising the commute. It allows organisations to track their progress and measure the effectiveness of sustainable travel initiatives. Its clients include the NHS, local authorities, private organisations and employers motivated by social good.

Eastern Daily Press: Mobilityways head of operations Kate WoodMobilityways head of operations Kate Wood (Image: Mobilityways)

“We champion the sustainable commuting agenda by helping employers understand the environmental impact of their workforce’s commute,” said head of operations Kate Wood.

“By providing visibility of commuting emissions, identifying barriers to greener commutes and providing the tools, expertise and partnerships to make zero carbon commuting a reality, we empower employers to take ownership and accountability for their commuting emissions challenge.”

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Mobilityways won Employer of the Year, sponsored by Indigo Swan, at the EDP Business Awards 2023.

“Winning the Employer of the Year award was such recognition and testimony to all of our amazing team and their hard work,” said Kate.

“We have maintained this reputation by being purpose-led with a commitment to innovation and building pioneering technologies that make the world a better place. Our team and culture reflect this.”

Eastern Daily Press: Mobilityways won Employer of the Year, sponsored by Indigo Swan, at the EDP Business Awards 2023Mobilityways won Employer of the Year, sponsored by Indigo Swan, at the EDP Business Awards 2023 (Image: Matt Brasnett - I Do Photography)

Kate said the culture at Mobilityways is central to its success.

“We are determined to retain and build upon a purpose-driven culture and continue to be an outstanding employer,” she said.

To this end, the business has developed a strategy for cultural and operational excellence, which includes targets for communications, learning and development, pay and benefits, wellbeing and communications, among others.

In the past 12 months, Mobilityways has expanded its employee benefits package, while ensuring that all pay bands and progression opportunities are clear, transparent and inclusive.

“We must invest in the team like the company depends on it, because it really does.”

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The business aims to motivate its people to be productive in a way that suits them with remote, hybrid and flexible working and a new collaborative workspace.

Kate said that success in the current economic climate is dependent on ensuring that you have the right people onboard.

“The age-old adage that you are only as strong as your weakest team member certainly rings true,” she said. “We are committed to retaining and attracting like-minded individuals who believe in the Mobilityways mission and want to share in the success.”

Since 2020, Mobilityways has hosted ZC3, a zero-carbon commuting conference that provides a platform for industry professionals, government officials and academics to discuss and share commuting best practices.

“The success of ZC3 has led us to replicate this model with regular knowledge-sharing seminars,” Kate said.

The ZC3 Thought-leaders webinars feature discussions from across the net-zero space, giving a platform for sustainability professionals to share the latest carbon reduction strategies.

Looking to the future, Mobilityways will continue to advance its current five-year strategy to grow the business and reduce carbon emissions.

“We believe that our culture must underpin our priorities here at Mobilityways. By using our strong base of people, clients and technology, we will achieve our mission.”

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