Villagers say a ban on motorhomes at a popular beauty spot being imposed because of unhygienic behaviour does not go far enough... as it doesn't cover caravans.

Norfolk County Council is planning to bring in restrictions at Beach Road, Salthouse, because some vehicle owners spending the night there have been emptying their chemical toilets on the verge.

But the wording of its proposed traffic regulation order means it would only cover 'motor caravans' - such as motor homes and camper vans.

Villagers living nearby - who have been raising concerns about the so-called 'Salthouse stink' toilet dumping - have called for the measure to be extended to also cover caravans, which also have chemical toilets and have also been staying on the 450-metre-long road.

Carey Clark, from Salthouse Parish Council, said: "The parish council would not wish to see caravans on Beach Road either. However, this hasn’t been such an issue as camper vans or motor homes.

"There was one instance last year where there was a caravan on the road for some weeks, and we wouldn’t want to see that repeated this summer."Eastern Daily Press: North Norfolk district councillor Victoria HollidayNorth Norfolk district councillor Victoria Holliday (Image: Dr Victoria Holliday,)

Conservative North Norfolk district councillor Victoria Holliday, whose coastal ward includes Salthouse, said she would also welcome the ban being extended to towed caravans.

But Norfolk County Council said the order being sought was specifically for motor caravans, rather than the towed variety.

A spokesman said: "The measure is very much targeted at the existing problem that exists along Beach Road."

Under the terms of the ban, which is currently under consultation, camper vans and motor homes would be stopped from parking on the road, between 6.30pm to 8.30am any day of the week.

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Beach Road leads off the A149 coast road, before snaking across the salt marsh towards the sea.

Eastern Daily Press: Beach Road in SalthouseBeach Road in Salthouse (Image: Denise Bradley)

It is in part of the county designated an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and a haven for wildlife.

The road previously led to a car park, but this was buried beneath thousands of pebbles by the 2013 tidal surge, encouraging more people to park on the verges.

Consultation on the closure order - details of which can be found at - runs until Tuesday, February 20.