A new Netflix series will explore Albert Einstein's time in Norfolk as he hid from Nazi assassins. 

Einstein and the Bomb is set to premiere on the streaming service on Friday and tells the story of his time at Roughton Heath. 

In 1933, Einstein was considered "public enemy number one" in Germany after he was accused of spreading propaganda about Adolf Hitler. 

Eastern Daily Press: Roughton hosted the scientist in the early 1930sRoughton hosted the scientist in the early 1930s (Image: Newsquest)

Nazi jackboots had raided his home in Berlin and stolen his savings and a prized violin, offering a reward of £1,000 for his murder, but the scientist was staying at a holiday home in Belgium. 

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He then fled to England where he was helped by MP and naval commander Oliver Locker-Lampson who offered his Roughton Heath hut as a safe place to stay.

According to historians, Einstein's time in Norfolk was a "seismic moment" that changed the course of history.

He went on to successfully petition the US government to accelerate the development of a nuclear bomb to use against the Axis forces in a project led by fellow scientist Robert Oppenheimer.