For many parents, getting their children to eat their five-a-day can be something of a challenge. 

But not for six-year-old YouTube sensation, Bodhi Chandler.

That’s because the young presenter is using his video channel to share his dedication to vegetarianism. 

Bodhi, a pupil at Reepham Primary, is a lifelong vegetarian who has remained dedicated to the cause since before he could talk.

His mother, Charlie Chandler, 33, of Cawston, said: “Around the time we began weaning Bodhi, we became vegetarian ourselves. 

Eastern Daily Press: Bodhi Chandler

“It made sense to feed him the vegetarian meals we were feeding ourselves and as he’s grown up, we’ve been very honest with him about meat and where it comes from. 

“He’s always been such an animal lover that he has never wanted to eat meat.”

Bodhi is part of a growing trend of increasing vegetarianism among British children.

One study found that eight per cent of children aged five to 16 were following a vegan diet, while 13pc were vegetarian.

It also found that 15pc of respondents would like to be vegan and 21pc wanted a vegetarian diet.

Bodhi's brother, two-year-old Ziggy, however, is not part of the trend. He is an avid meateater.

But Mrs Chandler, who is a peer support work for NSFT in the perinatal mental health team, believes sharing knowledge about food allows them to make their own informed decisions. 

Eastern Daily Press: Bodhi Chandler has a YouTube channel Bodhi Loves Veg

The family also recommended BBC Bitesize videos to help educate young people about the environment and sustainability. 

Bodhi added: “I want people to watch my YouTube channel to learn about how important it is to be a vegetarian. 

“Even cutting down on how much meat you eat will make a difference. 

“I just love animals and I don’t want to eat them.” 

Eastern Daily Press: Bodhi Chandler

As well as learning about vegetarianism, Bodhi had also shared videos on his YouTube channel of his smoothie recipes and the adventures of his pet tortoise, Flash – who he happens to share a love of kale with. 

Some of his favourite meals include humous and pitta, rice with peas and soya sauce, and daddy’s mash potato. 

Bodhi’s dad, Joseph Chandler, 35, who is an account executive for sustainable travel company Goodwings, moderates the channel and has been teaching his son about internet safety too. 

Eastern Daily Press: The Chandler family