Phin Robinson of Pure Physiotherapy won the Director of the Year award, sponsored by the Eastern Daily Press, at the EDP Business Awards 2023.

Phin has built Pure Physiotherapy from the ground up since 2006. The business is partnered with the NHS in over 190 primary care organisations across England, and its private clinics see over 10,000 clients per month. 

Today, clinical director Phin leads more than 350 members of staff, and his leadership was recognised when he was named Director of the Year. 

Phin said he felt “surprised” and “very honoured” to have been shortlisted, let alone win the award.  

“It was a real shock on the night, and although my team were very optimistic about the chances, given the calibre of the directors in the category I was certainly not expecting to win,” he said. 

“I do feel it's been a big boost for not just myself but the entire team, in terms of recognising the hard work and commitment that everyone puts into the business.” 

Phin says he approaches leadership in a natural and humanising way.  

“I am sometimes exhaustingly enthusiastic as my colleagues remind me,” he said. “However, my passion for quality and development is shared widely in our leadership team and indeed the entire company.  

“I do believe in leading from the front, and I am happy to get stuck in at any level, be that washing up, emptying the bins or looking at national strategy impacting hundreds of people's working opportunities.”  

Eastern Daily Press: Phin said he was very honoured to receive the awardPhin said he was very honoured to receive the award (Image: Pure Physiotherapy)

He hopes that his team sees him as a “genuine person in leadership”.  

“I sometimes can get overly enthusiastic and even frustrated with certain processes. Having been diagnosed as dyslexic in my school years, I see my problem-solving and can-do approach as being influenced by my dyslexia in a positive way.  

“I'm very keen not to discriminate on any basis due to an individual's neurodiversity, ethnicity or religion, and I'm very keen and proud of having an extremely diverse team.  

“I would also hope that they would see my pride in them as a team, individually wherever they may be in the country and collectively in the work that we achieve together.” 

Pure Physiotherapy focuses on its staff as well as its clients, which Phin believes sets it apart from other businesses. 

“We are not only focused on providing quality physiotherapy and associated treatments for our clients. We are also focused on trying to find the best possible environment for our physiotherapists and non-clinical staff to develop their skills and careers in a supportive and dynamic way,” he explained. 

Eastern Daily Press: Pure Physiotherapy’s team currently sees more than 60,000 patients each month in EnglandPure Physiotherapy’s team currently sees more than 60,000 patients each month in England (Image: Pure Physiotherapy)

“We are also helping to fund national research around best practice in the management of musculoskeletal conditions.” 

Team building is important to Phin too. 

“Despite having a team of over 350 people, we are keen to engage in social activities and challenges, which the whole team can take part in. This helps us to drive a sense of belonging and inclusion.” 

Even though Pure Physiotherapy’s huge team currently sees more than 60,000 patients each month in England alone, Phin says he has “huge ambitions” for the business. 

“Our objective is that Pure Physiotherapy is seen as the biggest and most reputable physiotherapy organisation in the UK,” he explained. 

“Whilst we have a long way to go to achieve this ambitious vision, we feel confident we're on the right track and, so long as we stay true to our founding principles of quality, transparency, research-led and put our patients first, then we feel it is absolutely achievable.” 

The business has come a long way since Pure Physiotherapy’s inception. 

“Having built Pure Physiotherapy from the ground back in 2006, I feel pride in seeing it grow and develop, and I am focused on providing a legacy which will last far beyond my time as a quality, focused healthcare organisation,” he said. 

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